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Court Referred Volunteer Center

Helping Defendants Make Restitution to Their Communities

The Court Referred Volunteer Center  (CRVC) provides Courts, Probation Departments, and Judicial Authorities with a viable option for community service as an alternative to fines and incarcerations for adults and youth who are convicted of infractions, misdemeanors or felonies.

CRVC enables defendants to complete their community service sentences by matching them to nonprofit agencies and their program needs. The program allows defendants to make restitution to the communities they have wronged, provides nonprofit agencies with volunteer labor and instills in the defendant a sense of civic responsibility and a better understanding of the consequences of violating the law.

The Court Referred Volunteer Center serves clients, agencies and courts through the following services. Please note: clients using these services will be required to pay a fee.

  • CRVC Court Offices process registration and service assignments for individuals that have been assigned community service hours.
  • The Hospital and Morgue Program is a three-part course designed to discourage recidivism by convicted DUI offenders.
  • Agency Relations is responsible for providing customer support to agencies and their staff to successfully manage and process the Court Referred Volunteers.
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