Assistance League® of Los Angeles College Scholarship Program


Assistance League® of Los Angeles College Scholarship Program

The League awards financial support for graduating high school seniors from the Los Angeles Unified School District who are in foster care or experiencing homelessness. The Assistance League® of Los Angeles College Scholarship Program is awarded to those students with a strong record of academic achievement, character, and commitment to their community.

Once selected, recipients are awarded annually throughout their college career. Awards may be used for tuition, textbooks, or other critically needed supplies. To date 84 students have been awarded our scholarship.

The impact

Jacqueline's Story

Hello! My name is Jacqueline and my journey with the Assistance League of Los Angeles started in 2017, when the foster youth liaison at my school introduced me to the organization. She had been working with me during my senior year of high school and knew I wanted to go to college. However, at the time, I lived in a group home and had no financial, emotional, or physical support from my parents. I had been in foster care since the age of 5 and college just felt like a dream.


My counselor encouraged me to apply and towards the end of my senior year, I learned I was awarded the Bright Future scholarship. I was so excited and was able to use it to help fund my first year of college at California State University Long Beach. Fast forward three years later, and I became a graduate of CSU Long Beach. The Assistance League® of Los Angeles College Scholarship Program scholarship helped alleviate the financial burden of college that foster youth, like myself, often face.


However, my educational journey did not come to an end just yet. I was determined to pursue my Masters degree in Public Policy. I then applied and was accepted to UCLA Luskin School of Public affairs. The Assistance League of Los Angeles Scholarship Committee graciously decided to continue to support the pursuit of my masters degree. I just finished my first year of grad school and I’m on track to graduate in June of 2022.


Thank you Assistance League of Los Angeles, for making 5 year old Jackie’s dream of college come true!

Giving deserving youth a bright future!
The Story of Luis Bonilla
Congratulations Wendy!

Assistance League® of Los Angeles College Scholarship Program

Since the program began in 2017, our Scholars have accomplished many impressive achievements:

  • Twenty Seven have graduated college
  • Two students graduated a year early
  • One has just completed graduate school
  • Most are fulltime students while part-time or fully employed
  • Many have been front-line workers during the pandemic

League Scholars are not only an inspiration, but they are also dedicated to giving back to their communities. Whether it is supporting farm workers, empowering women, or advancing public health, these students make it clear that our future is brighter with them at the helm.


Style for Success

The Mannequins Auxiliary of the League reached out to their contacts in the fashion industry to provide donations for the 2021 League Scholars. Getting these students “dressed for success” meant that each received two boxes of work appropriate clothing, backpacks, laptop bags, grooming kits, jewelry, and accessories, as well as gift cards. Style for Success is the Mannequins’ signature project involving planning fundraisers and fashion shows to benefit this service. The Mannequins prepared these outstanding graduates for their very first experience with college life!



If you are interested in supporting the League Scholarship Program kindly reach out to us at


If you would like to apply for the League Scholarship contact your counselor the LAUSD Homeless Education Office (HEO)