Enchanted Sleeping Beauty: The Legend of Briar-Rose


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Enchanted Sleeping Beauty: The Legend of Briar-Rose is a delightful musical retelling of the classic tale filled with wonder, danger and the power of love!

The King and Queen of Never Nod celebrate the birth of their precious new baby, Princess Briar-Rose, with a joyous celebration.  During the festivities, the wicked witch Evilina, who lives with a giant spider and a snarky cat, sets a terrible curse upon the young princess. Sixteen years later, it is up to valiant Prince Alexander to come to Briar-Rose’s rescue and the royal court too – for they are all sound asleep! The prince braves the treacherous trials set forth by Evilina to rescue the sleeping princess with the kiss of True Love. He must fight a giant Wall of Thorns, a False princess, and most frightening of all, the exalted Dark Knight!

The zany, lovable characters, the musical score, special effects and the fabulous costumes are as enchanting as Briar-Rose in this magical musical fable for all ages.


Book by Vera Morris
Music and Lyrics by Bill Francoeur
Direction by Ashley Ward
Musical Direction by Scott Anthony

Opening Day: March 3rd
Additional performances: March 10th & March 17th
Closing Day: March 24th

All performances are on Sunday at 2PM.



Educator Resources

Interested in bringing the magic of theater to your classroom or children? Enchanted Sleeping Beauty: The Legend of Briar-Rose Educator Guide is coming soon so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Students can learn about the play, theatre etiquette, participate in movement, writing and discussion activities, interactive games, and more!

Enhance learning by pairing the activities with videos from “The Magical Theatre Experience!”

2022-2023 Season's Media Sponsor

Kids Out and About is thrilled to sponsor the Nine O’Clock Players (“NOP”) during their 2022-2023 theatrical season!

In addition to offering award-winning performances to the public, NOP also provides free performances to thousands of economically and physically challenged children annually.

All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to helping children in need.

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Magical Theatre Experience
Magical Theatre Experience
Behind the Scenes with NOP!
Behind the Scenes with NOP!

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