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Agency FAQ

About CRVC

  • What is the CRVC program?
    • The CRVC is a non-profit program that links court ordered clients to agencies to complete their community service/community labor requirements. This alternative sentencing approach allows defendants to contribute to the community.
  • What is a court ordered volunteer?
    • All volunteers that register with the CRVC program have been sentenced to community service or community labor by local, state or federal judges or other community stakeholders that want third party verification of volunteer hours.


Inquiring Agencies

  • What types of organizations are eligible to become a partner agency with the CRVC?
    • Any agency that is considered a nonprofit organization by the IRS, or a government agency may apply to be considered for partnership.
  • How does my nonprofit or government agency become part of CRVC?
  • Is there a fee to become a partner agency?
    • The CRVC program does not charge its partner agencies any fees for application or continued partnership at this time.
  • When is the next training and how do I register?
    • Trainings are held on a monthly basis and you can register by calling 818-908-5143. If six or more staff need to be trained, you may contact the CRVC Program Manager for training options.
  • How long does the application process take?
    • Please allow 4-6 weeks from the date your completed application is received for full review



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