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Members in Action: Kristin Muhl, Director of Foster Children’s Resource Center

An Assistance League of Los Angeles member since 2016, Kristin Muhl has supported our Foster Children’s Resource Center as a donor, volunteer and now director.  Her tireless efforts to serve more foster children year over year demonstrates why she is this quarter’s “Member in Action”. Read below for more information on Kristin and how you too can be involved with our Foster Children’s Resource Center.

How did you initially get involved with Hilltoppers and what is your professional/philanthropic background?

I was introduced to the Center in 2010 by my friend, Greer Saunders.  Greer and I worked together on the Community Service Committee of our kids’ school, and we had additional books from the school’s book drive to donate to a local charity.  When Greer told me about the Center, I knew we found a perfect fit.  My son and I loaded up my truck and personally delivered the books.  When we met the ladies at the Center and saw them in action assisting clients, we were both inspired to help out.

I began my efforts for the Center with several donation drives at our school.  We collected books, toys and hygiene products.  We also recycled cans and bottles at school and donated the proceeds to purchase socks and underwear for the kids at the Center.

In 2012, I started volunteering at the Center and initiated their community outreach efforts.  I felt that it was essential for our program to get help from strategic non-profit partners, local schools, businesses, and civic groups to further our mission.

I have a legal background.  I practiced for 20 years at a major law firm and served as General Counsel for two national commercial real estate portfolios.  I have recently taken a break from my practice, and am now focused on my twin passions — kids and community service.  My philanthropic background includes fundraising, peer mentoring, and advocacy for Type I diabetes for the American Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  My son, Tommy, now age 19, was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 3 and our whole family is committed to finding a cure during his lifetime.

What does your current role at FCRC entail?

I am the Director of the Foster Children’s Resource Center.  My role is a multi-faceted one, and involves operational oversight, coordination with social workers at the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, community outreach, fundraising and donations, shopping, and organization of supplies and storage spaces.  I love my direct interaction with the kids and the wide variety of things on my daily “to do” list.

What drives you to provide so many hours of service to the program?

The Center provides me with an opportunity to see first-hand the challenges that our clients face.  I am driven to dedicate my time to this program to help as many children as possible.

What has been the most meaningful mission moment during your time at FCRC?

During my first year as a volunteer, I was paired with a young boy named Caleb.  He was incredibly shy at first, but really enjoyed our time together “shopping” for new clothing and supplies.  When we finished, I asked if he would draw a picture for me to attach to a thank you letter that I was writing.  He drew a beautiful, detailed picture with crayons and I asked him to describe it to me.  He had drawn a picture of himself, his old home, the police car that had come to take him, and his new home with pets.

I was so honored that Caleb shared that moment with me.  I realized that we are on the front line in helping so many deserving children during such difficult times.  We can never underestimate how raw the emotions are for our clients and their families and all that they are going through.  This event left a lasting imprint on me, and deepened my level of commitment to improving the lives of local foster children.

Why should others join Hilltoppers and the League?

The Hilltoppers and the League offer great opportunities to get involved and make a difference in our community.  Our program is asked to serve hundreds more children each year, and we would love to have new members join us to meet this challenge.

Interested in learning how you can join Kristin and others who support foster youth visiting the Foster Children’s Resource Center?

Join us at the FCRC Open House and Member Recruitment event on Sunday, September 23rd from 2pm-3pm.

RSVP by clikcing here or call Kai Tramiel at 323-545-4847.