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Member Spotlight: Alex Sequeria


How did Alex become involved with the League?

Alex first became involved with the League as an Assisteens member alongside her mother at the Assistance League Long Beach Chapter. She has been very involved with serving the community since high school and continued to do so in college as well through various philanthropic projects. Alex eventually found her way back to the League when she moved to Los Angeles. She is now the Chairman for the Young Professionals group and has played a vital role in expanding this new group.

What is Alex’s fondest memory while serving at the League?

Alex’s fondest memory of serving at League is working at a Volunteer Service Day at our foster Children’s Resource Center in Northridge. She loved being able to interact with the children. She liked the feeling of being able to make a direct difference in the children’s lives.

What has Alex learned since serving on the League?

Being able to think about the big picture of the world has been a great learning experience. She believes that there is so much out there we forget to think about or be thankful for while we are so wrapped up in our busy lives. “It’s shocking how many people are living in poverty in our own backyard and it’s important to be aware of other people’s struggles instead of just worrying about our own.”

What are Alex’s hopes for the future of the Young Professionals Group

Alex hopes to continue expanding the Young Professionals Group and getting more people in her age group to take some time out of their busy schedules and give back to the community.

If Alex could have dinner with one person, who would it be?

Alex would love to travel back in time and have dinner with Marie Antoinette. Alex is fascinated by Marie’s lifestyle and fashion choices and would love to get to know her and see everything she was involved in.