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Member Spotlight: Fluff McLean

Featuring Assistance League of Los Angeles’s member spotlight:

Fluff McLean

 How did Fluff become involved with the League?

Fluff McLean joined the Assistance League of Los Angeles in 1978 after retiring from the banking industry. She became a member of the Nine O’clock Players auxiliary because they mirrored her talents and community service passions. Fluff’s professions began in her childhood (teaching piano lessons at age 13 and modeling by age 18) which served as an segue to her appreciation of theatrical arts. In her adult years, Fluff and her husband Sandy, opened their home and heart by sponsoring 5 foster children over the span of 18 years and maintains relationships with them to this day. She continues to share her skills and passions as a lifetime member of the Assistance League of Los Angeles.

What is Fluff’s fondest memory while serving at the League?

McLean played a princess in her first play. Other members advised against looking directly at the audience; rather an actor’s role is to bring the audience into magic on the stage. During her first performance, Fluff did not heed this advice and took notice of the first row with handicapped children including a boy with no arms or legs. Filled with empathy, she gave choked up and had difficulty delivering her lines. That was the moment she realized the importance of this organization.

What is something many people do not know about Fluff?

She plays ten different instruments (piano, organ, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, saxophone) and even played violin with the Glendale Symphony at age 14. Fluff’s father’s band played for the pageant where her mother was crowned Miss. Montana. Her paternal grandfather came to America from Yugoslavia during the Gold Rush and her grandmother called her “Fluff” at first sight- a name that she has been known as throughout her life.

What is the most valuable advice Fluff has given?

McLean told the foster children she sponsored and music students to “never compare yourselves to anyone because everyone is unique” and “if someone says you can’t – do it anyway. Prove them wrong!” These deep rooted principals in persistence explain the reason Fluff’s favorite song is “Climb Every Mountain” from the Sound of Music.

If Fluff could have dinner with one person, who would it be?

Fluff promptly replied that it would depend on who’s cooking then stated that she would like to dine with her father who suddenly passed away when she was 25 years old. She misses him and would like to share what she has accomplished in her life.

Fluff, we are sure your father would be proud of your achievements and heartfelt efforts helping Los Angeles’ youth.

Thank you, Fluff, for being an exemplary Assistance League of Los Angeles member.