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Thank you Pajama Program!

Pajama Program National Headquarters & Reading Center donated pajamas and books to the Foster Children’s Resource Center. These were essential items of which the Center was out of stock. This generous donation lead to the below story from a League member:

“A six year old client visited the Center with her new foster mom and was thrilled to go “shopping.” She passed by our pajama display and saw a beautiful pair of girl’s pajamas that featured the characters from the Disney movie, Frozen. She asked me what they were, and I explained the function and fun of pajamas. She tried on the pajamas and they fit her perfectly! She ran out of our dressing room and modeled them for her foster mom. She asked if she could bring them home and was thrilled when the answer was yes. Later, her foster mom told me that she had learned that this little girl had never owned a pair of pajamas and was previously sleeping in her street clothes at night. This experience continues to make me cry, even as I write this letter. Thank you for making moments like this happen for our deserving clients. Your support is so vital to all that we do.”