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Member Spotlight: Alice Weston-Kopetzky

Featuring Assistance League of Los Angeles’s first membership spotlight:

Alice Weston-Kopetzky

How did Alice become involved with the League?

Weston-Kopetzky’s long term commitment began in 1965 thanks to the influence of her beloved grandmother and League member, Lucile Hellman Walsh. Their mutual love of community service at League events deepened Alice and Lucile’s bond. To this day, Alice appreciates her grandmother’s gift of lifetime membership as it instilled the importance of life-long civic engagement. Lucky for the League, Weston remains a crucial member of the League through her leadership as a former Board member and the current Preschool Auxiliary treasurer.

Alice’s beloved grandmother, Lucile Hellman Walsh

What is Alice’s fondest memory as a League member?

Her fondest memory includes participating in All League Day events due to it’s promotion of service among League members across auxiliaries.  In fact, Weston developed life-standing friendships through her participation in All League Days such as Design House events.

League service leads to League friendships. (L to R) Yvonne Cazier, Floran Fowkes, Velma Boone, Alice Weston-Kopetzky, Marilyn Moulton

How have you grown since serving at the League?

Weston overcame childhood shyness and acquired many newfound leadership skills. Throughout her prolonged involvement with the League, Alice admits to becoming more confident and comfortable with public speaking.

Tell us more about Alice.

When her son was just 6 years old, Weston attended UCLA and graduated with honors. Weston’s mother also attended UCLA which brings the reoccurring theme of familial legacy to the forefront. Just as UCLA connected Weston with her mother, Assistance League similarly linked Alice to her grandmother. Weston worked in television and motion picture production before retiring and values being a good friend above all else.

If you catch Alice around town or at a League event, listen for her ring tone of Van Morrison’s song Brown Eye Girl. “This is my favorite song because he wrote it for me!”


Thank you, Alice, for 50 years of devotion to the League and assisting fellow Angeleno children.