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Theater for Children

The longest running children’s theater in Los Angeles has been a passion project of the Nine O’clock Players auxiliary since 1929. Members act out their desire to impart art appreciation to children with limited access. Each production adapts classic children literature with life lessons for the modern kid.


The Theater in 1933



The Theater Today








Last spring, Nine O’clock Players organized a field trip for four classes from Lowman Special Education Center, a public school solely devoted to special education needs. The field trip included handicap accessible transportation, a teacher guide, a captivating rendition of “Aladdin,” and photo opportunities with the cast members. theater 5 Since it is cost prohibitive and labor intensive for schools to coordinate field trips for children with special needs, this visit was many students’ first recreational outing. During the performance, one mother watched her daughter’s eyes light up like never before. The combination of props, light engineering, elaborate costumes, and musical arrangement sparked a sense of wonder and imagination. With tears in her eyes, the mother thanked an Aladdin cast member for this beautiful gift and  for helping her realize the value in exposing her daughter to new activities. As exemplified by this mother and daughter pair, an invitation to this historical theater is actually an invitation to transport kids into “a whole new world”.


theater 2


theater 4