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Preschool Learning Center

Studies show that children who attend preschool outperform their peers academically and are more likely to go to college. The League’s nationally accredited preschool provides 3-5 year olds from low income households with their first school experience free of charge. Parents expressed their appreciation in letters like the one below:

“I would still be living with an abusive husband if I did not find Assistance League of Los Angeles’s Preschool Program. [Since] my income wasn’t enough to even rent an apartment… [a nearby] school highly recommended that I try to enroll my children in your preschool. When I visited your program I observed safety, happiness and sanity – these elements are worth more than money. When [the Preschool staff] called to register my children, I felt like I won a lottery! My ex tried to convince me that there was no way I could make it on my own [and] I almost believed him. But …with my children in your program, I’m able to work full time and have peace knowing that my children are in great hands. Your program is a valuable service. Thank you, Assistance League of Los Angeles, for making something very difficult so much easier.”


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